It's time they know ..... everything you always wanted to say but never could!


Did your girlfriend cheat on you with your best friend?

Co-worker stole your ham sandwich from the fridge in the break room?

Don't hold that shit in, it's toxic.


For just $6.66, we'll take your message, hand write a custom version of your deepest hatred, and deliver it with a smile.  Our "kind" messages are contradictorily crafted in crayon on awful spiral notebook paper.  There's absolutely no trace back to you (that's what "anonymous" means) and your enemy is left dealing with a genius dose of mind mutilation.

Are we serious?  Yes...yes we are.  Here's how it works...


Step 1: Get pissed off...REALLY pissed off.


Step 2: Control your urge to say something that will have the cops at your door, security escorting you out of the building or your next phone call being made to unemployment.


Step 3: Go to (You're here, so that's half the battle.)


Step 4: Dig deep and compose the most violent, vulgar, and sick message that the person who pissed you off absolutely deserves. (don't hold back any punches, we can take it)


Step 5: Complete your order with your foe's shipping address and sit back as we take your hatred and conjure up an anonymous note so polite, so kind, so considerate and so warm ... that it's downright evil !


Step 6: Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that your message is eating away at your enemy on so many levels that you can actually see their minds race and behaviors change right before your eyes.


Angela writes:




I f**king hate you. You sound like a f**king bimbo whore when you talk. I can't stand your f**king valley girl voice. If I hear "totally" or "rad" one more time I'm gonna snap your neck.



We send Jen:

Bob writes:




Your f**king cubical smells like rancid deli meat. Everyone at the office hates you. FYI, driving around in your convertible midlife crisis won't make your dick any bigger or hair any thicker. F**k off.



We send Andy:

Here are some healthy examples of how you can express your deepest feelings to those who so rightfully deserve it:

Nobody actually asked us any questions, but we know you're all here it goes.

Why is it written in crayon and on spiral notebook paper?

Because the piece of shit you're sending it to doesn't deserve any better, spiral notebook paper sucks and crayon dust is annoying & smells weird.


Why would I pay you to write a letter for me?

The same reason you pay a "barista" $5 for a cup of coffee that you easily could have made're lazy.  Also, you're an emotional disaster and a danger to yourself and others. Unleash on us and we'll make sure your message is delivered with no regrets and no physical harm to any of the involved parties. (and you can help a few starving designers pay their bills.)


Will the recipient know who sent the mail?

All the recipient will get is a carefully constructed note with our logo stamp and our alternate url (  We will never release any information about the buyer ... unless there's some type of law enforcement or court order involved.  Then we're gonna sing like Whitney Houston in The Bodyguard.


How much does it cost?

$6.66 USD ($9.99 USD International), and we'll write it, seal it, and make the Postal Service our bitch and demand they deliver it.


Is there anything I can't submit?

No, you can dish us anything that comes out of your sick mind. We challenge you to entertain us with how much hate and messed up shit you can pack into 200 characters.


My ex-girlfriend has a restraining order against me, can you still send her handwritten hate mail for me?

No man, you're a creep.  Also, we don't want any trouble with Johnny Law, so we won't be sending any threats for you.


Will I see the letter?

Yes, when your order is complete you will receive a confirmation email with an image of your letter.


Is there anything else I need to know?

Maybe, depends on where your head is at. We encourage you to read our Terms and Conditions before you purchase.

Unleash the hate for just $6.66 ($9.99 International).

Did someone piss you off recently?  Of course they did.

You probably deserved it, but that doesn't mean you still can't have some fun.


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You'll be whisked away to our special checkout counter in the cloud, where Paypal will ask you for all kinds of personal information so they can take your money on our behalf.  Once we have your money we'll let the hate flow through us, hand write your letter, and send it off to that person you so rightfully despise.  That's all there is to it.


Once production on your order is completed you will receive an email confirmation with a scanned image of your mail.


All domestic orders are shipped USPS standard mail.

Our hands are tired, so we have temporarily stopped taking orders.

Check back soon...or don't, we could care less.




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